Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Farm Update

The new farm project started last year and the past year have been a very trying year. This is how the place looked like last year. 
After clearing the place, the next step is to secure the water source and this is where it got a bit tricky. we managed to sourced the water from a nearby stream and we had to channel the water via pipes to the farm, the distance of 2km.

The next step is the digging of ponds and also the laying of pipes and the erecting of nets. The process is still undergoing due to the size of the farm and the lack of machinery and funds. All the work is mainly done by hand and I hope that we will be able to purchase machinery in the coming months.

The preparation of ponds for planting as shown by my foreman. This pond will be ready for planting in a week's time.

 The place looks more like a farm now and the plants will be ready for harvest soon. I hope that we can solve the water leaking problem soon. Having a bad time trying to control the quality of plants due to the inability to control the water level.

The latest addition to the farm, the dry section. I will try and update soon.

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