Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Plants for production

I am looking to cultivate the following plants for the coming season and hope that it will do well.

Myriophyllum Sp ( from Roraima) I cannot remember when I got this plant but I can remember that I got it from Michael in Hong Kong. I have had this plant on my farm for nearly two year and it is only recently that I have got the time to spend time on studying and cultivating this plant. I hope to be able to sell this plant in Oct 2011, keeping my fingers crossed.

I just took a closer look at the plant at the farm today and realized that I might have named the plant by mistake. I am currently looking for the correct name in the plant books that I have, hope to be able to confirm the name soon. it would be great if I can get some help.

 I hope the new photos will explain why I ma having doubts about the name of the plant. Hope that someone can help me correctly identify the plant. Maybe it is time to bring in the experts, will update once I have the name.

Rotala Sp Ceylon. I only got this plant this year and as usual, I left it growing on its own and quite happily forgotten about it til my foreman pointed it out to me and asked for it's name, I  could not remember the name and so it was time to submerse the plant fro me to identify the plant. It took a couple of weeks before it showed its beauty underwater and from then on, I decided that w will cultivate this plant for sale in the coming months. I am also hoping for this to go on sale in Oct. 2011.
Myriophyllum Mattogrossense Koehne. I have always liked this plant ever since I came across it. I have been told that it is will be mistaken for the normal Myriophyllum and that customers will not take to it, I hope to prove them wrong and so,once again I will be cultivating this and I hope to be able to sell and promote it to the customers. I will be able to supply this plant in the next couple of weeks.

I will update more as I go along.

New Farm Update

The new farm project started last year and the past year have been a very trying year. This is how the place looked like last year. 
After clearing the place, the next step is to secure the water source and this is where it got a bit tricky. we managed to sourced the water from a nearby stream and we had to channel the water via pipes to the farm, the distance of 2km.

The next step is the digging of ponds and also the laying of pipes and the erecting of nets. The process is still undergoing due to the size of the farm and the lack of machinery and funds. All the work is mainly done by hand and I hope that we will be able to purchase machinery in the coming months.

The preparation of ponds for planting as shown by my foreman. This pond will be ready for planting in a week's time.

 The place looks more like a farm now and the plants will be ready for harvest soon. I hope that we can solve the water leaking problem soon. Having a bad time trying to control the quality of plants due to the inability to control the water level.

The latest addition to the farm, the dry section. I will try and update soon.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Finally am able to grow this plant submersed. The new leaves show greater color intensity, hope that it will continue to do well under water.

You can see from the new photo that the new submerse leaves are longer and continue their color intensity as compared to the emerse leaves. This photo was taken after 6 days of being submerse, hope that I can see this all the way to having a whole pot of submerse leaves.

Downoi Pot

The Downoi Pot is the latest product that I have been able to sell, limited to 10 pots per week. Hope that I can push up production soon.