Sunday, 18 September 2011

Crypt. Flamingo

I managed to get a couple of tubs, ok, more than a couple of this plant and I must say that it looks beautiful and I did not think much of it when I was first shown a photo last year, they only sell this plant in T/C. Beautiful plant and I only hope that I can it justice on my farm.

A couple of photos showing the growth on my farm.

Rotala Sp Japan Purple

This plant I saw at a shop and the name that they gave me was Rotala Japan Purple, will try and find the real name. Pardon the photos, thanks Mr. Chen.

Trip to Guangzhou

Made a trip to GuangZhou this week to visit some farms and took the time to have a look at the local aquatic market.

I have been visiting the market for close to five years and I have found that the range of plants available for sale have shrunk considerably over the years and now everyone sells almost the same plants and it is getting harder to find interesting plants, maybe it is time to cut down on trips to Guangzhou.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Buce. New Arrivals

This is the latest shipment from Andrew, just a small shipment of two types of Buce.

 Unknown type of Buc.

Buce. Sp "Olympic Torch"

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Crypt. Striolata

I received this together with the shipment of Buce., many thanks to Andrew. I hope that it does better this time on the farm.

Giant Limnophila

A plant that I got from India and it is quite an easy plant to cultivate both emerse and submerse, will try and see if it looks good in a tank.

Bucephalandra Sp.

Just received a shipment of Bucephalandra and have taken some photos to share.

Buce. Sp. "Catherineae"

Buce. Sp "Very Long Stem"

Buce. Sp "Gold Leaf"

Buce. Sp Fine Edge"

 Buce. Sp "Fake Catherineae"

Buce. Sp "2011"

Buce. Sp "Red GAIA"

Buce. Sp "Shine Black"

Buce. Sp "Sanggau"

Buce. Sp "Blue Green"

Buce. Sp "Green Saw"

Buce. Sp "Belindae"

Buce. Sp "Shine Green"

Buce. Sp "Long Stem"

Buce. Sp "S11"

Buce. Sp "Red Shoot"

Buce. Motleyana "Long Wave"

Buce. Sp "Shine Blue"