Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Giant Limnophila

A plant that I got from India and it is quite an easy plant to cultivate both emerse and submerse, will try and see if it looks good in a tank.


  1. That is one beautiful plant! Will the leaves become serrated when submerged? The leaf shape is quite unique, almost like garden mint. I can see some great merit in aquascaping for this plant. Nice!

  2. Finally got my sample from Jennifer - I am really excited. I have put it into my discus tank where my Limnophilas tend to do better than in my Dutch tank as most of them seem to like the higher temp (27.5°C). It doesn't seem to do much but I'm patient. Do you keep it warm when submersed? I wonder if this particular species might not take to the higher temp in the discus tank?

  3. OK, I think it is Limnophila rugosa. Here are some links for you.

    The plant is very handsome and growing into a nice patch. Looks better if kept short.

    I'll post an article on it in my blog once I have some good quality pics.